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Decision-makers face significant and unusual challenges in the months ahead as a result of Coronavirus, and insight is crucial to support good, well informed and reasoned decision. Peter and Tony have been working on the business implications of pandemics since Bird ‘Flu emerged in 2009. This background underpins the advisory work they are doing today with decision-makers grappling with the realities and uncertainties of Coronavirus.

  1. What is the leading scientific thinking about the virus and how does that inform the outlook?
  2. How can decision-makers meet their duty of care as well as regulatory guidance?
  3. What are the likely scenarios to prepare for relating to people within the organisation and beyond?
  4. What are the key uncertainties and the main themes in the outlook around which we should plan?

Dr Anthony Yardley-Jones


Tony Yardley-Jones is an experienced accredited specialist in Occupational Medicine. He has worked with international businesses for over 30 years in all aspects of occupational health and is responsive to the peculiar health challenges and needs of executives and employees in the current business environment.

He works with private and public sector organisations, and other partners, focusing on policy issues covering a broad spectrum from stress management, and health surveillance protocols regarding redeployment or rehabilitation for employees with varying medical conditions.

His NHS appointments have been Director of Occupational Health at The Royal Berkshire Hospital and Lead Consultant in Occupational Medicine at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.


Peter Osborn

Business advisor and entrepreneur

Peter has long believed that insight is crucially important for all decision-makers in fast moving business environments. His particular interest, especially in the world we’re now living in, is seeing over the horizon to deduce what opportunities and challenges will arrive soon, that we can prepare for now.

Peter has worked as an entrepreneur, investor and business adviser for many years, and the experience continues to identify exciting opportunities to grow businesses and start new ones.

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