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Router speeds: spot measurements every ten minutes

This performance degredation has been noticeable only since around 6 March, 2024, when it is understood that work on the local mast took place. Before that, the performance had been almost faultless since September 2022.

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Wednesday, 20 March, 2024 Thursday, 21 March, 2024

This kind of service quality has been experienced with three different models of router from EE:

  1. The original, floor mounted 5G router,
  2. A replacement 4G router, and
  3. A replacement 5G router of the latest design

The same kind of results are experienced when connected with two different kinds of PC and two different models of iPhone.

Router (3) has been used for these tests, its location and device details are displayed below together with the signal strength being experienced.

It should be noted that these are spot tests that capture the service only at these moments. Performance varies considerably, all the time, sometimes stopping completely, giving the impression that packets are arriving in irregular bursts. The service now will not usually support a Zoom call.

Router location by a window on the second floor Postcode AL8 6DE












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