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Cloud and IT infrastructure are not just technology matters; they are crucial business resources that drive successful operations. For firms that depend on these technologies, service quality and cost-effectiveness are essential to achieving business objectives.

Routine support and management of cloud services are critical to maintaining operational efficiency and scalability. This work is akin to Facilities Management in the physical world—non-core but crucial.

Many firms rely on their tech teams for this work, but it often gets deprioritized, leading to scaling difficulties and unnecessary costs. Additionally, tech teams may stick to familiar brands, which might not always be the best fit for the business.

What We Do

We specialize in the non-core operational management and maintenance of our customers’ infrastructure, regardless of the cloud brand or mix of on-prem, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments. We also supply infrastructure if needed.

Our specialists are available 24/7 and are experts in all major cloud and infrastructure technologies.

Advantages and Benefits

1. Specialized Team: We have a larger team of specialists than most firms can justify internally, who are expert in and focused on the operational work.

2. More Cost-Effective and flexible: We deliver our team at a lower cost than payroll, with greater flexibility and scalability.

3. Releases the internal team to focus on the Core Business: By handling non-core infrastructure work, we free up your internal team to focus on core business activities.

Independent Advice: We are independent and have no ties to any specific brand or technology, ensuring we advocate for the best solutions for your success.

Typical Customer Scenarios

Many of our customers are in the process of scaling up or entering new markets. They often need a partner to help them grow, change, or improve service quality. Common scenarios include:

Limited internal infrastructure skills affecting service quality.
Non-core security and maintenance tasks being neglected.
Rising costs and performance issues due to lack of expert attention.
Need for additional skills to meet new requirements or complete projects.
Requirement for 24/7 coverage that internal teams cannot provide.
Concerns about vendor lock-in and lack of necessary skills to diversify.
Integration and migration needs following acquisitions.

Our Services:

CloudOps: Routine management, maintenance, incident response, and fixes to maximize infrastructure effectiveness, cost-efficiency, reliability, and resilience.

CyberOps: Vigilance and response to vulnerabilities and attacks through our CloudOps team.
DevOps: Managing and delivering necessary infrastructure changes.

We also offer advisory services based on our extensive experience and can handle project work such as restructuring, migrations, and transformations.

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