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Here is a list of common senior business roles in the UK, with variants and abbreviations of the same role grouped onto single lines and delimited by commas, with the three-letter CxO equivalent listed first:

CXO: Chief Experience Officer, Chief Customer Officer, Chief Client Officer, Chief Consumer Officer

CEO: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Executive, Managing Director (MD), Chief Administration Officer (CAO), Executive Director, President

COO: Chief Operating Officer, Director of Operations, Operations Director, Head of Operations

CFO: Chief Financial Officer, Finance Director (FD), Financial Director (FD), Head of Finance

CIO: Chief Information Officer, IT Director, Head of IT, Director of Technology

CMO: Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Director, Head of Marketing

CHRO: Chief Human Resources Officer, Human Resources Director, Head of HR, Personnel Director

CTO: Chief Technology Officer, Technology Director, Head of Technology

CDO: Chief Data Officer, Data Director, Head of Data

CCO: Chief Compliance Officer, Compliance Director, Head of Compliance, MLRO

CRO: Chief Risk Officer, Risk Director, Head of Risk

CLO: Chief Legal Officer, Legal Director, General Counsel

CBDO: Chief Business Development Officer, Business Development Director, Head of Business Development

CCO: Chief Commercial Officer, Commercial Director, Head of Commercial

CSO: Chief Strategy Officer, Strategy Director, Head of Strategy

CINO: Chief Innovation Officer, Innovation Director, Head of Innovation

CPO: Chief Procurement Officer, Procurement Director, Head of Procurement

CDO: Chief Diversity Officer, Diversity Director, Head of Diversity

Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), Sustainability Director, Head of Sustainability

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