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Beware people who bring old wisdom, and those who have none
  The future began a while ago – 18 Sep
AI, machine learning, robots and the like, seems like a future world. It isn’t
  Can entrepreneurialism be taught? – 14 Sep
What are the required personal characteristics, anyway?
  Human engagement is a big opportunity – 12 Sep 19
As AI and mechanisation spreads, human engagement will become more valuable.
  The Good, The Bad, and the Surreptitious– 9 Sep 19
What is it with humans: the way they do tech and how we respond?
  We need to talk about losses4 Sep 19
Profits can be met with complacency, losses demand opinions
  WhatsApp scuppers the B2B market30 Aug
It’s individuals who buy and it’s them that we have to understand

Seen on the move

Friday 20 Google to invest 3 billion euros in European data centres
Thursday 19 U.S. fintech startup Stripe valued at $35 billion in latest funding round
Monday 16 New ways to recognise and scrutize you: Researchers around the world are creating new ways to monitor you.
Saturday 14 Weird Apple spat: Goldman Sachs analyst criticized Apple’s accounting methods for the new TV+ product, and Apple replied that it does “not expect the introduction of Apple TV+, including the accounting treatment for the service, to have a material impact on our financial results.”
Friday 13 WeWork may drop its IPO valuation to between $10bn to $12bn, a dramatic discount to the $47bn it achieved in January
Thursday 12 Google and Apple Each Spent Years on a Plan to Dominate This $152 Billion Industry. (The War Starts Next Week)
Uber argues its drivers aren’t core to its business and won’t reclassify them as employees. The ride-hail company shrugs off a new bill in California, but legal challenges loom
France: we can’t allow Facebook’s Libra in Europe
Wednesday 11 California Senate tightens ‘gig’ worker rule which makes life harder for the likes of Uber
Uber lets 8% go
Apple relies on its devices and low price to get TV+ out fast despite weak content and heavy competition
Tuesday 10 Now the honeymoon is over. The initial public offering would hurt SoftBank if it went ahead and hurt WeWork if it stalled.
Big tech is getting more scrutiny from regulators, as 50 attorneys general launch a new probe
Monday 9 Tim Cook got angry with Googleabout the way that they reported the recent hack, and it looks as though this is driven by Apple’s intense desire to retain the trusted status of the brand.

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