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Horizon Scan is a series of informal chats in which we discuss the implementation of the Cloud and related topics.

We share our views, but, most importantly, we share the things we learn while working with our business contacts and partners. Do get in touch if you’d like to chat about these or any other subjects.

Managing a Hi-Tech Business Through and Beyond Lockdown

In this conversation, Peter Osborn, Founder and Chairman of Flexiion MSP and Alasdair Field, CEO at Reveal Media, talks about the management challenges posed by lockdown and how companies are getting through it and planning for the ‘new norm.

What Business Decision Makers need to know about Covid-19

What do business decision makers need to consider when making plans in the shadow of Coronavirus? In this 30 minute video, Tony Yardley-Jones, Occupational Medicine specialist and Peter Osborn, founder and Chairman of Flexiion MSP, discuss some of the facts about Covid-19 and its business implications.

The Outlook for Tech-enabled Businesses in a Viral World

In this 18 minute vlog, Simon Lofthouse and Peter Osborn, of Flexiion MSP, chat about their observations on how hi-tech businesses are looking to go beyond Covid-19 and find ways of growing and succeeding in a viral world.

Are Clouds Moving Faster Than you?

This video is of the webinar Eltjo Hofstee (UK MD, Leaseweb) and Peter Osborn (Founder and Chairman, Flexiion MSP) presented, during which they discussed how hi-tech organisations are finding ways to maximise the use of the Cloud.

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